12 JULY 1937 – 26 AUGUST 2009


  • General work: Carried under the guidance of – the Director, Mr. D.M Kanez and Mr.A.Kersely, sanitary Engineer of WHO/UNICEF and the Senior Associate Sanitary Engineers from U.P. Jal Nigam from 1962 to 1977, as field Teacher with PRAI.
  • Design, drawing, estimating and construction of the civil works.
  • Construction of PRAI type – individual and community latrines, for rural and urban areas.
  • RCC lid drains, bathing and washing platforms, sanitation chambers for rural areas.
  • Installed 750 PRAI type latrines within 22 days for the Refugees’ Camp (Bangladeshees), Allahabad in 1971.
  • Smokeless Choolas (stove) instead of fire wood in rural areas & soft coak in urban areas.
  • Devices for artificial coak.
  • Fly and Mosquito control with Entomologist in rural areas.
  • Maintenance of stores of WHO, UNICEF & PRAD.
  • Maintenance of office building & vehicle.
  • Deputed for the development of Bio-gas Scheme at Bio-gas research centre, Ajitmal. Disst. Etawah by the Director, Planning Research and Action Division (P.R.A.D.) from 1977 to 1982. After that he resigned from service.
  • Installed the India’s First Community Bio-gas plant of KVIC type 30 & 45 cum. capacity, at Fateh – Singh-Ka-Purwa in Distt. Etawah, in 1978.
  • Designed “JANATA BIO-GAS PLANT” and invented its construction technology, in 1978.
  • Wrote a book titled “JANATA BIO-GAS PLANT (NIRMAN PUSTIKA) MODEL No. 1” which has been published by the U.P. Government.
  • Training on the construction of “JANATA BIO-GAS PLANT” given to the staff and officers, Mr. K.K. Singh, (SARO P.R.A.D.) Mr. A.K. Dhusa ( Research Center Ajitmal Etawah) and Mr. K.C. Khandelwal ( Asst. Food Commissioner Government of India) and the block level officers, engineers, supervisors and masons who came from different parts of U.P., at Gobar Gas Research Center, Ajitmal, Etawah. U.P.
  • Government of India organized All India Seminars and he gave lectures on the Bio-gas technology to the participants at the following places :-
  • Bakewar Training Center in Disst. Etawah on the 27th to 30th September. 1978. He delivered his lectures on the construction technology of JANATA bio-gas plant, subsequent to which his works were broadcast over BBC.
  • Goa Agricultural College in the 15th, 16th & 17th of November, 1979;
  • Tamil Nadu agricultural University, Coimbatore for 3 days in January, 1980;
  • Agricultural College, Pondicherry in 1981 and lectures given on the request of Mr. S.S. Mehndi , Fertilizer Commissioner, Government of India at –:
  • 🔹 Aribindo Ashram to the foreign delegates;
    🔹 Tata Energy Research Institute, Pondicherry.

  • Underwent training on Bio-gas technology for a period of 45 days, sponsored by UNFAO (on deputation from Government of India) and also attended the South East Asia Seminar held in CHINA, in 1980.
  • Deputed to attend the workshop organized by Institute of Social Studies Trust at Gandhi peace Foundation, New Delhi, on latrines and choolas (stove) on the 4th & 5th May, 1981. In this workshop, five persons were selected to undergo the research and development work in the country and he was one of them.
  • Lectures given to the faculty members of Allahabad Polytechnic on the Bio-gas construction techniques and designs according to the situations, bio-gas slide were also shown besides the lectures in 1982.
  • Lectures and training to the block development officers, Engineers and other field staff of the district agriculture Department, Lucknow in 1982 to 1984.
  • Training given to the staff of Sulabh International and also converted many Sulabh complexes to Bio-gas complexes in 1982, and also provided 15 cum capacity fixed dome type design to them.
  • Training and lecture to the Chief/Executive/Assistant Engineers of the rural engineering Department on the design and construction technology of Bio-gas plants at Jawahar Bhawan Lucknow in 1983.
  • Training and lecture to the Engineer, field officers and staff of the following District agriculture training centers of U.P., also shown as video films :-
  • Bakshi – ka – Talab, Lucknow,
  • Gazipur,
  • Bichpuri, Agra,
  • Lakhvati, Bulandsheher,
  • Haridwar,
  • Gorakhpur.
  • Ex-member of ADHOC Committee of Department of Non-Conventional Energy Source, Government of India, in 1986.
  • Constructed a number of Bio-gas plants with digester volume from 1 cum to 1000 cum. These plants are based on Cow, Horse, Elephant, Hippo and zoo animals’ dung; individual; community latrines; Night soil fed by scavengers/municipal tankers; flower wastes from temples and kitchen; agricultural wastes; rotten potatoes; water hyacinth; tobacco wastes; sewer and sewerage treatment project; slaughter house wastes and taught how to keep slum areas clean and pollution free by his fixed dome technology.
  • Converted a number of community latrine complexes to Bio-gas plants which are running successfully since 1979, without any maintenance and are free from all kinds of pollution, in various states of India like, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Kashmir, Bhopal, Kerala, Ambala etc.
  • 1987 onwards, his services were extended to the Lucknow, Varanasi, Faizabad and Ghaziabad Development Authorities and their colony sewage treatments carried through Bio-gas plants are supplying cooking gas to the colony residents, such plants were also constructed under N.E.D.A. (Non-conventional Energy Development Agency) financial extension at O.N.G.C. Colony at Dehradun, which stands as an example and was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav.
  • Designed and constructed sewer & kitchen waste based fixed dome Bio-gas plant at Deen Dayal Upadhya state Institute of Rural Development Bakshi-ka –talab, Lucknow in 1992.
  • Designed and constructed India’s first slaughter house waste based fixed dome bio-gas plant at the crude & conventional slaughter house of the Delhi Cantonment Board, Sadar, Delhi. This plant was inaugurated by Shri Jagdish Tytler, Hon’ble Minister of state for surface transport (on 11-08-1995). Before construction of this plant, there was immense pollution in the area and vultures were infesting the neighbourhood, Mrs. Veena Mitra, Director General central Cant. Board, Delhi sought the assistance of the Director. Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India., who in turn recommended his name. Consequently, we designed, installed and constructed the required plant, where the problems at the said slaughter house were solved and eliminated.
  • Turned the dirty slum colony of Mashalchi Tola, in Lucknow into a hygienic and livable place with his unique design and construction technique in the year 1998.
  • Designed & constructed India’s first dung & flower (from temples) wastes based biogas plant in Shri. Balkeshwar Hanumanji Mandir, Aliganj Lucknow in the year 2007.
  • Construction of many other sewer & sewage treatment systems has been done since 1977 in the department of Rural Development, Non-conventional Energy Development Agency (NEDA), Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA), Varanasi Development Authority (VDA), State Urban Development Agency (SUDA)/ District Urban Development Agency (DUDA), Lucknow Jal Sansthan (LJS), Uttar Pradesh Tourism.
  • He was a short term consultant from 1993 to 1997 for Women and Children Affairs and Community Development. Govt. of Malawi (Central Africa). The project was finalized by World Bank. Biogas Plants designed & constructed by him were more economic in cost ($ 426) & durable (life span of 50 years) as compared to other Bio-gas plant designs which had higher cost ($ 674) and lower durability (life span of 5 years). Biogas Plants designed and constructed by him are still running very satisfactorily whereas others have failed.
  • Organization – ATDA, Lucknow U.P.
    🔹Duration – 1982 to 1996 Designation – Consultant
  • Organization – Sulabh International, Bihar
    🔹Duration – 1982 to 1984 Designation – Consultant
  • Organization – International Bio-gas Enterprises, Lucknow, U.P.
    🔹Duration – 1979 to 2009 Designation – Founder & Consultant