Resolving environmental problems through fixed dome type Bio-Gas technology which helps in cleaning the environment. We can design & install plants for gas generation of any capacity from Bio-degradable liquid and solid wastes, without maintenance. We also take warrantee of all the projects for 30 years. We can also design & prepare DPR after being informed about the availability & details of wastes / population of the area.

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About Us

International Bio-gas Enterprises (I.B.E.) is a registered and nodal organization and is engaged in research & development work since 1979 both at lab & field level for the betterment of mankind. Since its inception, we are concerned with the problems of energy, Bioorganic manure, air & water pollution, scavengers for cleaning dry latrine (toilet) and to keep clean and pollution free city, town & rural areas and to control generation of diseases carrying various insects like mosquitoes, flies etc. for good health and wealth of human being and also protection of ozone layer depletion by the methane gas which is decomposed from Biodegradable wastes in open land, surface drains, sloot, pond & rivers.
Animal dung is used for making dung cakes for cooking food in rural & urban areas in dry season. Using dung cakes as kitchen fuel causes dirt and smoke which subsequently causes pollution related diseases and also destroys the valuable manure. Animal dung collects in pits in the rainy season, around the rural areas and drains out in the city. This system also helps tackle, various diseases like cholera, T.B., malaria & dengue etc. which are lethal for human life.

Salient Features

  1. 1.We can design & install plants with gas generation capacity of 1 M³ upwards to any capacity and for any type of Bio-degradable liquid and solid wastes.

    The Bio-gas Plant has a life of almost 50 years without any maintenance, provided it is constructed on the basis of I.B.E. design and construction technology, R.B & R.C.C. work and using the construction material according to specification.

  2. 2.The I.B.E. shall run the project up to 30 years on the basis of agreement with no profit & no loss or in the ratio of 70:30 (70% of the firm (IBE) and 30% of the department) depending on the earning and savings of the proposal.

    Electricity can be generated by 80:20 ratio (80% Bio-gas and 20% diesel) type generators or from 100% biogas using biogenerators. Electricity can be generated through diesel engine and generator. Thus produced electricity will be used for running the project as well as the near by areas besides producing valuable organic manure for agricultural land and lawns etc.

  3. 3.Our Bio-gas Plant is totally underground so that the space above it may be used for any other purpose, whatsoever.

    The construction of Bio-gas plant is done in single phase.


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